Wanted: Room for Rent, Queens, NY

I would like enough privacy to play my records on rainy weekend afternoons wearing tights and long sweaters while I clean, type standing up or rearrange my beauty products on the dresser and take kisses and giggles from my boyfriend in between, but still with an open door to the living room where anyone needing a break from their own rearranging can feel free to come in and chat about whatever I happen to be playing, what they’ve been doing all week or where they plan to holiday for Thanksgiving. 

Open to co-ed room mates as long as there is no angsty longing from the other side of the wall. Prefer to live with artists, but a majority of writers is not preferable as the reoccurring moodiness does not lend to a pleasent home when it overtakes the temperaments of all in the house; a majare needed. Dancers who eat, off-broadway players who run, painters, animal lovers; are a lovely balance to writers.

Speaking of animals, a dog friendly environment would be preferred, but not required as I do not have a dog. A BeanBean friendly environment is expected, because really, who would not like a BeanBean.

I come with my own PS3 & Xbox willing to leave at the common tv, decent tv if needed, and a tapestry of a wingless dragon in a field of either impressionist wheat or squiggly clouds; gold and black. It’s tasteful, I assure you. I also have a lamp with two bulbs and a Netflix subscription, accessible from the previously mentioned PS3.

Non-smoker, 420 accepting, sociable, steady income. Max: $700 w/o utilities.